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Delivering a Data-Driven Audit
What do you want your firm and your team to be, do, create and experience over the next five years?
While it’s been discovered that 96% of firms are taking steps to grow their business in the next three to five years, two significant roadblocks stand in their way: staffing shortages and burnout.
Firms are seeking for new and cost-effective ways to attract talent and retain the talent they have. Providing flexible working arrangements, competitive salaries, and similar initiatives are effective ways to entice and retain staff.

While many may think of data-driven audits as benefitting only the client - and they do - they also benefit auditors by reducing the more tedious parts of their jobs and making them more efficient while maintaining and improving audit quality.

This eBook will:
  • Define the data driven audit
  • Dig into why data-driven audits are transforming the auditing profession
  • Provide tips for deploying data-driven audits in your firm, whether your team has three auditors or 3,000
Delivering a Data-Driven Audit

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